is an default Private IP address or default gateway used by router Login by entering the default username and password . , a block of addresses reserved for private network access. This means that a IP address can be accessed within this private network can be accessed by local network that connects home networks, but most models are accessed through

It is usually used to login to 3com routers, it assigns any devices in its network a different, private IP address. All IP addresses on a network should have a unique address 192.168.l.254 router admin within that network to avoid IP address conflicts. 3com routers can provide it to you, so let’s find out how to login into web-interface.

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How To Login into IP address ?

Firstly, you should know your 3com router’s IP address. Above we found out that most of 3com routers use IP address.

Click on ‘http://192.168.l.254’ or simply type to login into the page no matter what browser you use.
If you couldn’t access the through this router IP address, then 1921681254 is not your router’s IP. Look up your router’s IP address that suits your router/modem.

Once you Login is opened by using the default router’s IP address. Then the page is directed to the Admin login page. There you need to enter username and password. Get the list of Default Router Username and Password from here
If you forgot your username, password or don’t know the exact username/password just follow the below context to proceed.

Now you are able to access the router’s admin page you’ll be able to modify and change the internet settings of your modem/router.

If you have any queries or any issues regarding router settings read our FAQ

Note : Default IP address can be changed long time ago, so you can enter in web-interface using 192.168.l.254. If you have any further queries in configuring router, please comment below.